Red’s Blues at Smiling Dogs Ranch Tasting Room

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Smiling Dogs Ranch Tasting Room, 3955 Main Street, Kelseyville, CA. 95451

RW and Beth Grigsby of Red’s Blues are so happy to be back in Kelseyville at Smiling Dogs Ranch Tasting Room. It’s been a long pandemic! Let’s have a pre-New Year’s Eve party, party, and get warmed up for wherever you’re going to ring in the New Year! Jon Lawton will be joining us for this show on guitar, as well as our one and onlys, Doug Crumpacker on guitar and Tim Wilbur on drums. We’ll have our newest hit CD, Broke Down In the Fast Lane, as well as others, on sale; as always, tips are appreciated. See you there! We’ve missed all our Kelseyville friends!